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Solutions To Increase Profits


Sundance Associates helps you increase profits by reaching  those with the highest possibility for purchasing your services or referring business. We'll provide you with affordable and highly-targeted marketing and advertising options including online, print, direct mail, television, radio, and more.  

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Solutions To Attract a Crowd


Want a crowd at your next event or presentation? Sundance Associates will develop a plan, manage the set-up, and handle the marketing to attract a targeted audience to your speaking engagement, retail business, promotional event, tourism activity, or cultural festival. We even help you find sponsors. 

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Solutions for Commercial Interiors


 Your office, hotel, hospital, or retail business must reassure and inspire customers. This vital solution should "close the deal" for your business. Sundance Associates provides cost-effective commercial art and interior design solutions because your business spaces are top marketing and profitability opportunities.   

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Successful Video Advertising Solutions

       Physicians  | Attorneys  | Businesses | Retirement Communities | Medical Facilities | Hotels | Construction Companies

Sharing success stories or explaining your services through storytelling ranks high as a cost-effective marketing tool. Watch the video below to see how quiet emotion, vibrant color, & a special child's endearing smile explain a complex legal service.  See more video production for attorneys, keeping in mind this marketing concept works well for other businesses, also.

Our Solutions Increase Your Profits

--We'll create a customized marketing plan based on our more than thirty years of experience, senior-level expertise, and cost-effective marketing solutions.

--We'll use our decades of experience to help you carefully assess, buy, and evaluate advertising to reach those most likely to buy your services or product.

--We'll get you in front of the those most likely to need your services. If personal presentations are key to your success, we'll help you set specific goals and determine targeted action steps including scheduling, organizing, and producing your community talks or presentations to your professional peers.

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Solutions That Sell - Involve Customers In Your Project

Drop your client right down into the noisy progress on a construction site. Let them bite their nails during delicate art install in a hotel lobby. Or, enjoy the surprise of exquisite one-of-a-kind auction items being delivered for a fundraiser. Studies show involving the client in the process creates a sense of ownership--leading to increased sales, more donations, repeat buying. Video marketing accomplishes this goal at a surprisingly affordable rate.  Check out more of our video campaigns.

Attract a Crowd

--We'll show you how to attract potential clients, customers, tenants, and more with eye-catching, sophisticated marketing campaigns including website calls-to-action, e-newsletter updates, social media campaigns, and traditional print, radio, and television ads.

--We'll help you increase attendance at your social or educational event with a wide variety of outreach methods starting with determining an effective name for your event, continiuing through all planning and outreaching, and finishing with follow-up on new client leads.

--We'll help you understand how to sell more services, products, or tickets to those most likely to buy, including your existing clients or customers.

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Commercial Interior Design - Vital Solution for Success

Watch the video below to understand how Sundance Associates' commercial interior design can transform, creating an instant WOW impression. Your office, hotel, hospital, or retail business must reassure and inspire customers. This vital solution for success ranks high as the make or break factor in a potential client's decision to choose your services. We encourage clients to consider outstanding public spaces as a top priority in their marketing plans. Like the video? We produced it ! Learn more

Art & Interior Design Signal Success & Superior Service

--Help clients immediately see your professionalism and attention to detail with an office, lobby, or health care environment confirming your sharp, sophisticated mindset and conveying calm confidence.

--Provide guests with relaxing, comfortable surroundings including the latest trends or calm elegance. Art selection and interior design with your guest in mind are key to encouraging repeat business and high online ratings.

--Increase employee productivity, creativity, and morale with uplifting art and color. Invest in efficient and comfortable desks, chairs, and storage. Last, but far from least, provide sophisticated conference room furnishings to express authority and close the deal.

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