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--Producing marketing videos today doesn't require a professional film crew. Stand back with your cell phone and go for it. Add some photos and we've got something to work with that's friendly and down-to-earth. Need a more refined look? Absolutely we encourage professional video and photos to accomplish your goals.

--Think in terms of short video, like 30 seconds or less. The audience attention span has shortened dramatically as we are all faced with information overload. At Sundance Associates, we know how to use the right script, images, and call-to-action to convey a quick and simplified message about your services.

--Remember, video marketing means the same video can be used to reach clients via social media, e-newsletters, website embeds, and personal e-mails. Sometimes a television station will produce an ad free-of-charge for use in an ad buy, then allow you to re-use as you wish. We look for every opportunity to use your marketing budget wisely!

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Legal Marketing Videos


Sundance Associates has worked with attorneys, physicians, corporate executives, and more professionals in creating successful marketing campaigns for the public and referring peers. Video tips like those shown in these legal videos help convince potential clients that you truly care about their concerns, explain difficult concepts with images and words, and provide immediate access to your website and contact info.

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Construction & Interior Design


Keeping your client informed of construction and interior design progress with brief videos helps maintain excellent client satisfaction. But wait, there's more! Use this same video to announce your skills, your level of expertise, and your success with high-profile projects. Do that by posting it on social media, sending it to existing and potential clients via e-newsletters, and featuring it in a pay-per-click online ad campaign.

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Event & Location Marketing Videos


 Build excitement, interest, & anticipation for your event or location by drawing potential visitors or participants directly into the luxurious surroundings, charming shops, unique attractions, live music, and more. This sneak peek reassures them and encourages them to buy tickets now, reserve a room right away, or get in the car and head your direction!   

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"Love Can Be Lonely - Get a Pre-Nup"

Throw cold water on our hot love affair? No way I'm bringing up a pre-nup. Check out this light-hearted video and you may reconsider or at least it'll provide a funny way to bring up a difficult, but needed legal agreement. This video delighted existing clients and encouraged potential clients to call the Weaver Firm - Attorneys. This ad campaign appeared in social media, a monthly e-newsletter, and on the client's website in a blog post. Lots of bang for the same buck! 

"Blended Families - Prevent Legal Problems"

Untangling blended families is a problem best prevented. This video offers three tips --who does't want free legal advice? And, directs folks to a web page for more info.  The phone started ringing at this law office as soon as the video showed up in on Facebook, LinkedIn, the client's website, and in an e-newsletter. We believe in making your advertising dollars work for you in multiple ways. 

"Explain Complex Trust Benefits & Help Families"

Explaining complex legal services can overwhelm a potential client--even if the service could vastly improve a child's life. We created this video to offer reassurance and new options for concerned parents.  Sharing in the joy of a special needs child lets families know the Weaver Firm offers more than legal services--they offer hope. Providing success stories or using storytelling through video production may be your most cost-effective marketing choice. 

"Deadline Dec. 31 - Grab Year-end Tax Cuts Now!"

Get up! It's not time to relax yet! That's  this video's urgent message.  Take action before year-end or face possibly unwelcome financial consequences! We provided helpful free tips in the video. Plus, a direct link to a more in depth article. And, of course, the attorney's contact info.  This video reached clients via social media, e-blast, and a blog post. The lawyers' phone started ringing as soon as this time-sensitive info was received by clients or forwarded to their friends. 

"Protect Your Credit - Free Legal Tip"

When the tv screams, "Thieves have hacked the credit reporting agency and stolen your info! It's gone! They're paying a fancy dog groomer for a poodle do with your money right now!" Folks panic--for good reason. Reassuring free legal advice at a time of breaking news catastrophe means this attorney cares about more than fees. Plus, he has a sense-of-humor, even in difficult situations. 

"Mama's Going To the Nursing Home - Who's Gonna Pay?"

Nobody wants to talk about a loved one moving to a nursing home. Even worse--who's gonna pay the $5,000 per month cost? This video gets right to the point, answers questions, and advises a prompt call to an attorney who can help solve this problem.  This video was used as a facebook ad, social media post, blog intro, and in an e-newsletter. It generated enough billable hours to pay for itself many times over. 

"What Does a Guardian Do? "

Sisters, age 103 & 98, who also happen to be YouTube sensations, provided unexpected humor & an example of steadfast love. Quick headlines offer tips on how a guardian acts as a concerned family member. The video approaches a daunting legal subject--often faced at a difficult time in the client's life--and offers reassurance, kindness, and contact info for a lawyer. Used as a social media post, blog intro, and in an e-newsletter, the video sparked calls from existing and new clients. 

"Jefferson Candlelight Tour - Ticket Sales Up by $10,000"

Stepping back into the warmth and candlelight of an old-fashioned Christmas makes for beautiful holiday memories. This event serves as the major fundraiser for Historic Jefferson Foundation. We are proud to  have helped increase ticket sales by $10,000, approximately 30%. We focused on pre-event sales because weather conditions can drastically affect event day attendance. We develop the annual marketing theme, create all materials, & coordinate tv, radio, print, and online advertising buys

Solutions That Sell - Involve Customers In Your Project

Drop your client right down into the noisy progress on a construction site. Let them bite their nails during delicate art install in a hotel lobby. Or, enjoy the surprise of exquisite one-of-a-kind auction items being delivered for a fundraiser. Studies show involving the client in the process creates a sense of ownership--leading to increased sales, more donations, repeat buying. Video marketing accomplishes this goal at a surprisingly affordable rate.  Check out more of our video campaigns.