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Sundance Associates has been helping clients increase profits, attract crowds, and benefit from commercial interior design for twenty years.  

Our "striking solution" slogan, symbolized by a flaming match in a crowd of unlit strikers, embodies our goal--making sure your business or organization stands out with success, spirit, and solutions.

Rhenda Gray, president of Sundance Associates, brings more than thirty years of experience in helping clients build a business or grow a non-profit. 

Gray leads a coalition of talented professionals offering your company the following services 

--Marketing consulting 

--Advertising agency expertise

--Community relations knowledge

--Commercial interior design skills

Talk is cheap, so check out our extensive list of client projects (see link below) to understand how effective our services are in the real world.  

Give us a call at 214-491-4197 or send us an email using the form below. We look forward to providing you with striking solutions!

Client Project List

Rhenda Gray, President

Rhenda Gray, president of Sundance Associates, and her team of professionals, advise clients on maximizing the outcomes of marketing, advertising, 

With more than thirty years of experience, she has created and developed projects to build profits and/or attract a crowd to health care facilities, retirement centers, physician practices, law firms, hotels, museums, tourism events, construction projects, and more.  and commercial interior design.     

Gray earned an accounting degree from Texas Tech University and holds an interior design certificate from Collin College. She has completed art history, architectural survey, architectural photography, and drawing educational classes to enhance her background in the interior design and construction industry. 


"I grew up in south Texas with a dad who climbed poles for the local phone company as a young man and a mom who cooked up melt-in-your-mouth chicken-fried steak and gravy.    

Tex-Mex enchiladas and Texas Tech football are among my highest priorities. My husband ranks at the top for his patience, love, and support.   

I respect all people, of all faiths, who treat one another fairly and with compassion--that said, I welcome work from a top-tier corporate leader or a start-up charity. 


Give me a call at 214-491-4197, text me at 817-980-2348, or send me an email using our nifty form (below). Let's get started." 

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