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--Talk with you about your top goals for this event or activity. Do you want a lot of people to show up and making money doesn't matter so much? Do you want participants to buy something right NOW? Do you want folks to make an appointment for later? 

--Create a marketing plan to  identify and get you, your organization, your event, or your services in front of potential clients. 

--Talk with you about what you're doing now that is attracting a crowd. Focusing on what works and discarding the rest may be the simple and best answer.

--Review your existing marketing materials, ad campaigns, website, social media, and public spaces for possible updates.

--Determine your target market--those with the highest possibility of choosing your business or service.

--Provide affordable and highly-targeted marketing and advertising options including print, video, social media, website, direct mail, television, radio, and more.


--Schedule, organize, and produce community events, presentations for public speaking, or "get to know us" activities. Face-to-face meetings remain the most effective selling tool for every profession, organization, and business. 


Check out our project case studies (below), then give us a call at 214-491-4197 or email us. 

We look forward to helping you attract a crowd!

"5,500 Masons Just Wanna Have Fun!"

Especially the kids! We're honored to handle all marketing outreach for Texas Masonic Family Day, a statewide event attended by approximately 5,500 guests. As the largest event for Masons in the state, it also serves as the top priority for introducing and reminding potential tenants about Texas Masonic Retirement Center. We've helped increase attendance by 30% --resulting in a sold-out luxury apartment tower built two years ago and a waiting list for a second tower. 

"Texas Masonic BBQ Contest - Making Cut!"

BBQ is serious stuff in our state. This contest is no different. Although the competition is limited to 75 teams, it's a hard-fought battle with cooking and other activities lasting far into the night. We're proud to remind Masons throughout Texas that trophies, cash, and bragging rights are at stake. Watch this video to see how we feature past participants and remind potential cooks of what's at stake!

"Create Excitement! Don't Miss This!"

Blast the energy & excitement of your event through color and art!

Family Day 2018 poster describing event fun and festivities

Moms and dads have almost unlimited choices for family entertainment today. Including staying home to play video games, watch movies, or binge on sports. The poster we created for Texas Masonic Family Day bursts with fun and energy while emphasizing the many free activities for families on a budget. We're shouting, "Don't miss this!" This theme carries through on posters displayed in fraternity lodges, fliers mailed to members' homes, tri-fold cards handed out at other Masonic events, and multiple videos pushed out via social media, the organization's website, and e-blasts.  

Celebrities attract a crowd

Celebrity leaders attending Family Day

If you're lucky enough to have a celebrity or two attending your event, let everybody know about it! Folks want to be in the company of leaders, stars, and heroes! They'll show up  to be in the company of the elite, then stay in your hotel, eat at your restaurants, and spend money at your shops.

Offer miniature event reminders

Tri-fold business card for Family Day 2018 - easy to put in a pocket or purse for later reminder

Business card-sized reminders may stick around much longer than fliers and posters. We created this tri-fold business card as quick and portable reference for the event date and important details.

"Jefferson Candlelight Tour - Ticket Sales Up by $10,000"

Stepping back into the warmth and candlelight of an old-fashioned Christmas makes for beautiful holiday memories. This event serves as the major fundraiser for Historic Jefferson Foundation. We are proud to  have helped increase ticket sales by $10,000, approximately 30%. We focused on pre-event sales because weather conditions can drastically affect event day attendance. We develop the annual marketing theme, create all materials, & coordinate tv, radio, print, and online advertising buys

"Luscious Peaches Draw 35,000--Don't Be Afraid of Color"

Using color may increase response to your ads by up to 60%


The Peach Festival in Weatherford, Texas, draws a crowd of 35,000 every summer. We worked with Chamber of Commerce staff to create a mouth-watering poster, develop print ads, and coordinate publicity to keep that crowd coming! Tudies how that color may increase ad response by up to 60%.  Research has also shown that color directly affects emotional response --that warm and fuzzy response we want from your potential audience. Your advertising needs to stand out in this era of information overload. We encourage you to consider using color, appropriate to your goals, as a solution to reaching potential guests, clients, and participants. 

"Give 'Em Plenty of Choices!"

Visitors Need Reasons To Choose Your Location -- Be Specific About Your Unique Choices


The Weatherford Chamber of Commerce wanted to let visitors know of the many annual events happening in their warm, welcoming town. We worked with with them to create this brochure using specific days--not dates.  This piece carried its weight in print advertising, online, and more.  In addition, the photos and explanations spotlighted many different businesses and activities. This approach makes for a lot of happy business owners in your Chamber of Commerce. 

Feature events & attractions in photos

Close-up of Weatherford Chamber brochure photos

We make full use of newspaper attention-getting tricks - headlines, photo captions, action photos. Why? Folks skim information, so we provide it in a way that helps them quickly get the info they need and want.

Provide short summaries of events & activities

Interior Weatherford Chamber brochure

Sharing upbeat and descriptive info about local attractions and events helps visitors get excited about visiting your location. We don't assume anyone understands the unique aspects of a weekend getaway or vacation with you. 

"Record-setting 18,500 Participate in Race for the Cure"

Use real-life photos to tell your story & draw a crowd


 We helped the Komen Race for the Cure - Fort Worth draw 18,500 participants, setting the highest attendance record in the history of the organization--a record that still stands today. Increasing attendance at your event, regardless of size, is a challenge we welcome. Plus, we have decades of successful event production and marketing experience. 

We'll create a plan, manage the set-up, and handle the marketing to attract a crowd to your speaking engagement, retail business, promotional event, tourism activity, or cultural festival.  Need sponsors? We can do that, too!  We'll handle it all from start-to-finish or show you how to make it happen.    

Talk about benefits for attendees


Why do you want to hear a top breast cancer physician speak? Because you'll  find out how to lower your risk of breast cancer -- a disease that affects one in ten women. We give specific, valuable reasons for people to attend your event. The results? We helped this doctor build a highly successful practice--built on the power of public presentations and requests for her services from impressed audiences. 

Provide eye-catching leave-behinds


Don't underestimate the importance of "leave-behind" materials. This brochure helps encourage attendees to make appointments or learn more.  It also captures the emotional commitment this physician has for her patients, lists her impressive credentials, and points out her highly focused services.

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